LeadSense Stereo Camera

LeadSense, a binocular passive 3D sensory module, can process graphics collected by the cameras on each side to generate real-time high-resolution outputs of binocular images and corresponding depth maps.

The product can be used in indoor and outdoor environment, suitable for robot/drone navigation, image analysis, 3D measurement and automatic warehouse.

The product can output stereo image, depth image and IMU data(only by N-series).
This video shows some ideas about how to use our product in research and development.
Some functions in this video such as visual odometry, human detection, are NOT contained in our SDK.

Hardware Frame Synchronization

Utilizing high-precision processing chip; ensuring high frame synchronization between left and right images; providing reliable source image for visual 3D reconstruction.

High Resolution, High FPS, Wide View Angle

Image sensor supports multiple resolution options, frame rate switches. With exceptional wide angle lens, it is well-suited for SLAM and many other contexts.

Global Shutter

LeadSense adopts the global shutter approach in its sensory module, which ensures perfect synchronization of camera sampling time.

This allows Leadsense to acquire highly-accurate source image, even with high-speed movement, which guarantees reliable source for 3D reconstruction.

9-Axis IMU Sensor

While the images are attained, the sensor can obtain real-time 9-axis data from integrated IMU.

It incorporates visual information to provide high-accuracy camera location features.