We provide SDK software package for LeadSense Stereo Camera, including camera tools and sample codes.

The SDK supports Windows x64, Linux x64 PC platform and NVIDIA TX1/TX2 platform.

Programming Language is C++.

0.9.0 is the last version for CUDA 8. Since 1.0.0 supports CUDA 9.2. (TX1/TX2 is released for Jetpack 3.2)

SDK Downloads:

1.7.0 (2020.12.08)

Windows 7-10 x64 CUDA9.2

Ubuntu 16.04 x64 CUDA9.2

1.6.0 (2019.09.12)

TX1/TX2 Jetpack 3.2

SDK provides the interfaces to retrieve image data(gray-scale image), depth map and 3D point cloud from camera, and to retrieve data from IMU. Also it provides the interfaces for recording and playbacking image sequences and IMU data.

For detail information: Technical Documents

For older releases: archive


ROS Package
Matlab Integration

For SDK usage questions and more demos:GitHub