EvoBinoSDK  1.6.1

EvoBinoSDK is a software package for Stereo Camera Products provided by Shanghai Eyevolution Technology Co., Ltd.

It provides lots of APIs and tools for our stereo camera products, by which you can develop your own application with our cameras.

The SDK software can be used with OpenCV, Qt, OpenGL, CUDA and other third party libraries. Sample codes are provided by which you can shorten your development time easily.

Main Tools in SDK

We have developed lots of tools for our products.

Image Viewer

  • Show raw/rectified SBS images from camera/.evo files.
  • Show raw/position IMU data (when IMU sensor is embedded).
  • Save SBS image as .png file.
  • Save SBS image sequences as .evo file.
  • Save IMU data as .imu file (when IMU sensor is embedded) with .evo file.

Depth Viewer / Depth Viewer CUDA

  • Show rectified left/right/SBS/... images from camera/.evo files.
  • Show calculated depth map from camera/.evo files.
  • Show calculated point cloud from camera/.evo files.

Evo Editor

  • Show raw image sequences from .evo files.
  • Show Stereo Parameters of .evo files.
  • Merge 2 .evo files into 1 .evo file.
  • Split new .evo file from old .evo file.
  • Transcode .evo file.

Calibration Tool

  • Calibrate the stereo camera, and generate the Stereo Parameters for the stereo camera.
  • Show Stereo Parameters of the stereo camera.

IMU Calibration Tool

  • Calibrate the IMU.
  • Show saved raw/calibrated accel and magnet data points.

Obstacle Detection Viewer / Obstacle Detection Viewer CUDA

  • Show obstacle detection result.

System Requirements

It can be run on PC of Windows/Linux/MacOS x64, also it supports TX1/TX2 platforms.

Note: When SDK is used on device without CUDA, depth calculation may be slow.


  • Qt 5 (5.5 or later)
  • CUDA 9.2 (Optional)
  • OpenCV 3.x/4.x (Optional, needed by Sample Programs)

Linux, TX1/TX2

  • Qt 5 (5.5 or later)
  • libxmu-dev
  • libxi-dev
  • libglew-dev
  • libusb-1.0
  • libqwt-qt5-dev
  • libz-dev
  • libdbus-1-dev
  • libgtk2.0-dev
  • libjpeg-dev
  • libasound-dev
  • CUDA 9.2 (TX1/TX2 Jetpack 3.2 CUDA 9.0) (Optional)
  • freeglut3-dev (Optional, needed by Sample Programs)
  • OpenCV 3.x/4.x (Optional, needed by Sample Programs)
  • libproj-dev (Optional, needed by Sample Programs)


Under test, do not support CUDA now. Install the following libraries by brew.

  • libusb
  • Qt 5 (5.5 or later)
  • qwt
  • freeglut (Optional, needed by Sample Programs)
  • OpenCV 3.x/4.x (Optional, needed by Sample Programs)